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What is it: Affinity Grouping or Affinity Diagrams is a tool used to organize and present large amounts of data (ideas, issues, solutions, problems) into logical categories based on user perceived relationships and conceptual frame working. These diagrams reveal new patterns and relationships between ideas, leading to more creative solutions.

Why use it: Help organize and communicate ideas to all team members in a quick easy to understand manner.

Where to use it: Affinity Diagrams are excellent and organizing large amounts of data but are not so effective at managing small amounts of data – while there is no set limit – we think affinity diagrams provide the most benefit when there is over 15-20 items of data

When to use it: Affinity Diagrams are particularly useful for organizing solutions after a brainstorming session that has generated a large number of ideas. These are usually used in group problem solving, however, individuals can successfully use them for problem solving. Affinity Grouping will take the large number of items or ideas and sort prioritized them.

  • When you are confronted with many facts or ideas in apparent chaos
  • When issues seem too large and complex to grasp
  • When group consensus is necessary

Typical situations are:

  • After a brainstorming exercise
  • When analyzing verbal data, such as survey results.

How to use it: Building an affinity diagram isn’t a difficult task and can be summarised by these short steps

  1. Brainstorm ideas/issues
  2. Place ideas/issues on pieces of paper and place on viewing area
  3. As a team sort ideas/issues into groups based on their relationships
  4. Title each group
  5. Title Problem Description
  6. Document the Affinity Diagram via the attached Affinity Diagram Template

Important Notes:

  • Useful after a brainstorming session
  • Establish meaningful category headers

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  Affinity Diagram Instructions
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Adobe PDF
Affinity Diagram Instructions
  Affinity Diagram Template
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Microsoft Word
Affinity Diagram Template
  Affinity Diagram Template Example
Microsoft Word Format
Microsoft Word
Affinity Diagram Template Example
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