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What is it: CARE stands for CUSTOMER ACCEPTANCE REVIEW & EVALUATION and is a checking station usually at the end of the production line checking key characteristics of the final product to the accepted customers expectations.

Why use it:

  • Protects your customer from non-conforming product, discrepancies and labeling errors.
  • Verifies that process controls are effective.
  • Provides information for rapid corrective action.
  • Supplements the approved control plan.
  • Applies to customer satisfaction items that are part related.

Where to use it: Used at an inspection station for a fully assembled product

When to use it: To check that product conforms to set standards from internal or external customer

How to use it:

  • The Plant Manager & Quality Manager should facilitate activities.
  • C.A.R.E. activities should remain until irreversible corrective action is in place and verified.

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  Instructions for using C.A.R.E
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Customer Acceptance Review and Evaluation Instructions
  C.A.R.E Template
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Customer Acceptance Review and Evaluation Template
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