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What is it: Cause and Effect Matrix Analysis is a process that generates and sorts hypotheses about possible causes of problems within a process by asking participants to list all of the possible causes for the identified problem. Cause and Effect analyses allow problem solvers to broaden their thinking and look at the overall picture of a problem yet provides a roadmap to areas of concern.

Why use it: Improve processes, reduce nonconformances, mishaps, and escapements – resulting in an error free environment. Strengthen contribution to all programs and organizations.

  • These are excellent tools for developing ideas about the causes of a situation.
  • Simple tool that can be used by everyone
  • Helps avoid tunnel vision and discourages groupthink in problem analysis by forcing exploration of diverse areas of potential causes
  • Adaptable to almost any problem
  • Excellent group engagement tool
  • Usefulness extends beyond initial problem resolution
  • May be used for both pre- and post-event

Where to use it:

  • Functional Failures
  • Mishaps
  • Near miss
  • Non-conformances
  • Process Escapements
  • Opportunities for Improvement – Lean / Six Sigma projects

When to use it: Cause and Effect Matrix Analysis is a continuous improvement tool it prevents complacency by encouraging ongoing investigation beyond identification of obvious failure causes.

  • Preempt future problems by studying potential causes
    • Proactive response to possible process variation
  • Analyze causes and effects of past events
    • Reactive response to process variation
    • Reliance on known facts eases analysis
  • Investigate trends identified by other quality tools (control charts, histograms, paretos, scatter diagrams, etc)
    • Can apply to any process – financial performance, audit findings/performance, safety incidents, on-time deliveries, etc

How to use it: Cause and Effect Matrix is used to get to the true ROOT CAUSE. Cause and Effect Matrix may be used to address process dispersion two ways:

  • Proactive: Before the event
  • Reactive: After the event

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  Cause and Effect Matrix Template
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Cause and Effect Matrix Template
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