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What is it: Corrective Action Request (CAR) is a procedure used in response to a non conforming product, service or process. CAR implies that you are reporting on a detected Non Conformance and have determined the root cause and have taken actions to correct this from reoccuring. CAR are Actions taken to eliminate the root cause of an existing nonconformance and to prevent its reoccurrence, or Resolving an actual cause that exists in direct relation to the problem.

From ISO guidelines, CAR is stated as an action to eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity or an other undesirable situation

  1. There can be more than one cause for a nonconformity.
  2. Corrective action is taken to prevent recurrence whereas preventive action is taken to prevent occurrence.
  3. There is a distinction between correction and corrective action.

CAR and PAR actions are two separate and independent processes. The Manufacturing Quality plans should include prevention (PAR) of the occurence in the first instance and then the corrective action (CAR) in case of a reported non conformance.

  • CAR prevents a RECURRANCE.
  • PAR prevents an OCCURRANCE

Rememeber, preventive action is too late if there has already been a problem. Any actions taken to eliminate the cause of existing problems are corrective actions, while preventive action is not applicable.

Why use it: CAR fixes causes of existing defects. It is an obvious need, supported by the need to remove obvious costs, customer dissatisfaction, scrap and waste, etc.

Where to use it: CAR is the result of a reported nonconformance. When you have a nonconformance the way to "fix" it is to write a corrective action, implement it, and see if the corrective action has worked.

When to use it: The use of a CAR report is initiated after a customer complaint is received or a non conformance has been reported. It requires corrective actions to prevent the problem from reoccurring. The CAR report describes what do you do to correct the issues and how do you document what you did and did it work?

How to use it: CAR is a response to an observed problem / defect. Corrective action is re-active ie dealing with the problem AFTER the event. fundamental tool for corrective action is cause analysis. In order to remove causes it is necessary to change the process. The changes should prevent falures to happen again in the future. CAR from ISO guideleines must explain how you:

  • Review non-conformance and customer complaints (Identification)
  • Decide the cause of the problem (Correction)
  • Decide an appropriate course of action to stop the problem recurring (Corrective Action)
  • Put the plan into action (Impact of corrective action)
  • Ensure that the action has solved the problem

Note - If needed from root-cause analysis some determined causes may be used for preventing potential nonconformity in similar processes.

Important Notes:

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of actions taken for CAR is an integral part of both the processes
  • Always reference a CAR report for ease of retrival and to meet internal quality auditoring requirments

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Corrective Action Request Template
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