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What is it: The Environmental Policy sets the overall goals of the company towards its operations and the effects it has on the environment. The Environmental Policy is usually set by upper management.

Why use it: Companies are now becoming more environmental aware, plus the rise in the community expectations and new regulatory requirements are at the forefront of many companies decisions in the day to day running of the business.

Where to use it: Environmental Policies are usually set up by upper management and are used in every aspect of the business with all personal from the production floor with the removal of waste to the office and the recycling of paper and other consumables.

When to use it: Environmental Policies are used on a daily basis and should be incorporated into all work instructions and operating procedures.

How to use it: Environmental Policy sets the overall goals which than gets passed on down through the company structure and into business planning. A genetic Environmental Policy template well assist in the company becoming environmental sound.

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  Environmental Policy Template
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Environmental policy Template
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