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What is it: JES (Job Element Sheet) consists of all elements for a specific operation, including each step involved in the process and the approximate amount of time required for that process. Used in lean manufacturing for standardization and continuous improvement. Typically contains a diagram of the workstation and is signed by the Supervisor and/or Team Leader.

Why use it: A JES is an invaluable tool for recoding the actions required or group of actions required to advance a process to the next operation. The learning points gathered over the years by the other team members can be easily jolted down into the precise one page documentation, which consists of the following four points.

  • Actions making up the job element
  • Rationale behind the decision, ask your self why do the task
  • Pictures and photos highlighting key points
  • Revision recorded

Where to use it: At any process that needs instructions to be explained.

When to use it: Ideal for new team members learning the task or as part of a continuous improvement plan, where best practice is implemented.

How to use it: Follow the item numbers on the left hand side column for each individual task to be explained and the reason behind for doing the job.

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  JES Template
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JES Template
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JES Template example
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