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5S 5S, is a method for organizing a shared workplace like a shop floor or an office space, and keeping it organized, using 5 key techniques each starting with S. MORE INFO
Kanban Kanban, is a signaling system used in production to advise what is needed, when it is needed and the amount that is needed. MORE INFO
TPM Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), is an effective maintence system that optimizes equipment usage, prevents break downs and promotes autonomous maintenance. MORE INFO
Lean Assess
Lean Assess Lean Manufacuring Assessment times worksheet, used for conducting time studies and best practises of lean manufacturing. MORE INFO
SIPOC S I P O C Diagram, is a tool used by a team to identify all relevent elements of a process improvment project before work begins. MORE INFO
KAIZEN KAIZEN Event, is a tool that focuses on continuous improvement by improving the standardized activities and processes. MORE INFO
SMED Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) or otherwise know as quick changeover, is a technique to reduce machine tool setups times on the production line. MORE INFO
VSM Value Stream Mapping (VSM), is a tool which allows an organisation to capture and document each process step and material flows. MORE INFO
Takt Time
Takt Time Takt Time (Line balancing), is used to calculate the time required to produce a component at the pace necessary to satisfy actual customer demand. MORE INFO
EOQ Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), is that level of inventory that minimizes the total of inventory holding costs and ordering costs. MORE INFO
OEE Overall Equipment Effectivness (OEE), is the overall performance of a piece of equipment determined by the accumulative sum of availability, performance and the quality rate. MORE INFO
Poka Yoke
Poka Yoke Poka Yoke (Error Proofing) is the use of a device or method makes it impossible for an error to occur or to make the obvious error in the process. MORE INFO