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What is it: A One Point Lesson (OPL) is a single piece of instruction focused on a single concept but located at the point of need at the time of need with predominantly two pictures shown, representing the correct way and the incorrect way. They are not correcting a document or a process. They are repeating what the routine operation currently is. It is a tool to address an abnormality, that can lead to the development of a work instruction, but then it is the work instruction that is controlled. OPL's are shown at crew meetings and never posted they are visual tools for training purposes. They basically serve as a reminder of the current, established, and most likely already documented process. OPL's are like training aids or lessons and none of our lessons are controlled. Sometime a picture can replace thousand of words.

There are three typical categories of One Point Lessons:

  • Basic equipment functions
  • Improvement examples
  • Actual problems or abnormalities

Why use it: One point lesson (OPL) can be prepared after a detailed analysis of a chronic problem. One time problems cannot generate One Point Lesson. Repeated problems with 5 Whys analysis can generate may need a One Point Lesson. The classifications are Training / Design / Knowledge etc., is a pictorial representation (accept, reject) method to eliminate an identified root cause problem.  

How to use it: Put two pictures in a sheet of paper - one is the thing that we do (accept) and another one is the thing that we don't (reject). Most manufacturing plants create lots of OPL's and locate them by the machine or work station. Eventually a large book or binder is there and grows.

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  One Point Lesson Instructions
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One Point Instructions
  One Point Lesson (OPL) Template
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One Point Lessons template
  One Point Lesson Example
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One Point Lesson Example
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