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What is it: A Process Control Plan (PCP) is a summary of defect prevention and reactive detection techniques. The overall intent of the PCP is to control the product characteristics and the associated process variables to ensure capability (around the identified target or nominal) and stability of the product over time. PCP assure a system is in place to control the risks of the same failure modes as identified in the PFMEA. While PCPs can be developed independently of PFMEAs, it is time and cost-effective to link Control Plans directly to PFMEAs. A PCP is a natural extension of an FMEA, even though it is not considered officially a part of an FMEA.

Why use it: The primary intent of Process Control Plans is to create a structured approach for control of the process and product characteristics, while focusing the organization on characteristics important to the customer.

  • A Proces Control Plan does assure well thought-out reaction plans are in place in case an out-of-control condition occurs and provides a central vehicle for documentation and communication of control methods.
  • Special attention is typically given to potential failures with high RPNs and those characteristics that are critical to the customer.
  • A Control Plan deals with the same information explored in a FMEA plus more. The major additions to the FMEA needed to develop a Control Plan are:

    • Identification of the control factors.
    • The specifications and tolerances.
    • The measurement system.
    • Sample size.
    • Sample frequency.
    • The control method.
    • The reaction plan.

Where to use it: To ensure that the problem solutions are permanently effective. Three questions are addressed: what has been done to prevent process problems; how is it known when problems occurs; and what will be done when problems in fact do occur?  Written descriptions of the systems for controlling parts and processes.

Important information: Use FMEAs as the basis for Control Plans. Control Plans are a summary of proactive defect prevention and reactive detection techniques.

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  Explantion of the Process Control Plan
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Overview of the Process Control Plan Process
  Process Control Plan Template with Checklist
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Process Control Plans Template
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PCP Example
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