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What is it: PPSR - Practical Problem Solving Report form. A straight forward simple two page report for problem solving.

Why use it: Proper completion of a Practical Problem Solving Report is essential to the operating functions of a Corrective Action.

Where to use it: Once a problem has been identified that the scope of the problem requires an indepth problem solving process.

When to use it: For resolving quality and other operations and non-operations related issues.

How to use it: Once a problem has been identified, a champion should be assigned to initiate and follow up on corrective action and complete using the following steps:

  1. Champion name, date and department information.
  2. Problem Description (General) – Indicate the initial problem described – brief (i.e. liaison report finding).
  3. Sketch – include sketch or picture as needed to illustrate the issue, as applicable.
  4. Point Of Cause – use this area to describe the details of where the problem is occurring.
  5. Quality – Identify the standard , deviation to the standard and the frequency.
  6. Protect (Internal Containment) – The team will identify the initial containment activities (in house, at customer or supplier) to prevent the immediate reoccurrence of the issue.
  7. Multifunctional Team Members – List the team member names and contact numbers, as applicable.
  8. Process / Part Checks.
  9. Direct Cause Analysis – Identify all potential failures even if known to not be the issue.
  10. Root Cause Analysis – Continue to ask “WHY” until the lowest level of answers is achieved.
  11. Permanent Corrective Action / Long Term Countermeasures – The team will identify the measures to put in place (in house, supplier) to prevent reoccurrence of the issue.
  12. Verification / Follow-Up & Evaluation – Determine if the PPSR activity was effective – have you prevented the potential for reoccurrence?
  13. Have all team members signed and dated the PPSR form once the problem description (Real Issue) is defined.
  14. Management Closure – this approval signature and date will be obtained following verification and/or during the management review meetings for corrective actions.

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Practical Problem Solving Report Page 1
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