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What is it: Quality Policy Statement, is an organization’s general statement of its beliefs about quality, how quality will come about and its expected result. The Quality Policy Statement is the first layer of documentation in a Quality Manufacturing System (QMS) as shown below:

Quality Manufacturing System Pyramid Quality Manual Standard Operating Procedures Manufacturing Process Planning Templates

Why use it: Top management is responsible for spelling out the formal quality policy that will form a directive principle. Such a principle should be clear, but at the same time, should not give detailed procedures. The policy should be known to all employees so that they can direct their efforts towards the objective. Certain elements are common in the formation of a quality policy, although the contents of the policy are usually tailored to suit the particular organisation.

Where to use it: All the time as an overall guide.

When to use it: Used as the overal quality theme through out the company structure for the day to day operations.

How to use it: Once the key quality objectives have been placed on the quality policy it is then required to have the policy explained and understood by everyone in the organisation, so that everyone is understands the companies goals.

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