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What is it: RASIC matrix is a management tool used to establish roles and responsibilities on a project or business activity. "RASIC" is an acronymn formed from the words "Responsible", "Approving", "Supporting", "Informed" and "Consulted"; with each of these designations being assigned to parties for different parts of a project.

The designations in the approach are defined as follows:

  • Responsible: those solely and directly accountable for creating a work product
  • Approving: the party (or parties) that reviews and assures the work product's quality
  • Supporting: individuals or groups who help to create the work product
  • Informed: those who are to be kept informed about proceedings
  • Consulted: those who help design the product or put in place quality review criteria

In addition, it recognizes that there is a sliding scale of involvement that minimizes abdication of partial responsibility for tasks that are not central to an individuals daily activity.

Why use it: RASIC has become popular with matrix managed organizations, in which two or more business groups collaborate on a project, as RASIC can be used to clarify any ambiguities in accountability for each party.

Where to use it: RASIC charts can be used at any level, where clarity of responsibility is required. The value of RASIC charts is that they can be custom tailored and constructed to fit the needs of individual programs and activities.

When to use it: To clarify responsiblity between two or more parties.

How to use it: The Key to the RASIC chart shows who is responsible for all of the these steps and who all are involved. The designations in the approach are defined as follows:

  • Responsible for ultimate delivery and execution
  • Approves the course of action being chosen (Authority).
  • Supports the task with resource(s), time or other material benefit(s).
  • Input to the task, but does not have a critical contribution.
  • Consults on an ad hoc ‘as required’ basis.

For each step in the process to which the RASIC approach has been applied, there must be both a responsible and approving party. It is common practice to keep simple the details on the supporting, informed and consulted roles; calling these out only when explicit clarification is required.

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