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What is it: Risk Assessment is the likelihood that the harm will occur from exposure to the hazard, also taking account of the likely severity of the harm caused. Risk Assessment is the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk related to a concrete situation and a recognized threat. Quantitative Risk Assessment requires calculations of two components of risk R, the magnitude of the potential loss L, and the probability p that the loss will occur. The risk is then obtain by the multiplication of the L and p values.

Why use it: Risk Management is flexible in its application, and can deliver a range of benefits depending on the nature of the system and business concerned. These can include:

  • Effective Risk Management
  • Public Confirmation
  • Commitment to Shareholders
  • Market Recognition
  • Reduced Expenses Market Entry
  • Enhanced Corporate Knowledge
  • Improve Employee Commitment

Where to use it: Can be used any where in the work place either in the office or on the production shop floor.

When to use it: For all potential hazards and unsafe situations in the workplace.

How to use it: Steps in assessing risks:

  • Look for hazards
  • Decide who might be harmed, and how
  • Evaluate the risks and decide whether the existing precautions are adequate or whether more should be done
  • Record your findings
  • Review your assessment and revise if necessary

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Risk Assessment Instructions
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Risk Assessment Template
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